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Re: Borg v. Town of Westport

Posted: November 4, 2016
Our firm is presently representing husband and wife psychologists in the Town of Westport involving a very distressing issue of warrantless police surveillance. For a period of approximately three months, the Westport police continuously surveilled my clients’ property by means of video cameras placed on two neighboring homes which were trained on the property curtilage and on the interior of the home where the private conduct of the entire home and the coming and going of clients were closely observed. (The police’ motivation for this conduct is not clear, although it is known that the clients were involved in bitter litigation involving property rights with neighbors, and these neighbors have been close friends with one or more Westport police officers).

In our present national security state where government surveillance is a subject of much debate, this case raises profound issues involving the permissible scope of legitimate warrantless police searches under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The case is presently being considered by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Click here for a copy of our brief