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Judge Rejects Probation For Former UHart Student

Published: December 14, 2016

HARTFORD — A judge on Tuesday rejected a former University of Hartford student’s request to have his case resolved through a special form of probation available to first-time offenders.

Hartford Superior Court Judge Julia D. Dewey said the charge against Mordehay Shindler, 19, of New York, is too serious and is not eligible for accelerated rehabilitation.

Shindler’s lawyer, Paul Spinella, argued that his client was mistreated by University of Hartford security staff and by Hartford police, that Shindler had no idea a robbery was planned, and that the charge against him is more serious than warranted. The state’s entire case, he argued, is based on the statements of co-defendant Tyrone Cadet, which, he said, are not reliable.

Spinella said Shindler fears a felony conviction will damage his ability to get an education and a job.

Prosecutor Robin Krawczyk said the evidence shows Shindler was involved in discussions about a robbery that was to take place and that he let the two accused robbers into a university residence hall.

Shindler and Cadet, 19, of Orange, N.J., face attempted first-degree robbery charges related to the April 16 incident.

According to a Hartford police incident report, Shindler let two men into the dorm before they assaulted the 19-year-old student in a room and demanded to know where marijuana was hidden, according to the police report.

Cadet, according to the police report, had gotten into a fight with another student who lived in the dorm room. That student allegedly sold marijuana out of the room, according to the report.

After that confrontation, Cadet called some friends in New Jersey and told them he wanted to “shake things up,” the police report says.

About 1 a.m. April 16, according to the report, Cadet contacted Shindler and told him to come to his dorm room. Shindler met Cadet and his two friends from New Jersey. Their plan was to go to the dorm room, steal the marijuana and scare the residents.

Back at Cadet’s room later, the pair said they’d “shook it up” in the dorm room, but could not find any marijuana.

Campus security identified Shindler on surveillance video and Shindler identified Cadet as being involved.