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At Spinella & Associates we understand that a parent's most important job is protecting their children. One hidden danger to young children is lead paint poisoning. Spinella & Associates has years of experience in protecting the rights and getting proper compensation for victims of lead paint poisoning. Lead paint poisoning affects an estimated 900,000 preschoolers or, stated differently, one out of eleven toddlers are impacted by this very serious disease.

If your child has elevated lead blood levels this can impact them for the rest of their lives. They may not earn as much money, and suffer disabilities as they mature. If your child has been exposed to lead paint you need to protect their future.

Lead paint exposure can harm children and babies even before they are born. Lead dust can elevate lead levels in pregnant mothers and lead paint chips and contaminated soil pose critical health risks to toddlers. Homes built before 1978 run the risk of containing lead paint. Potential exposure is more likely if you live in a city or in a neighborhood made up of older buildings.

Lead paint chips and dust can contaminate a home and cause injuries to a child's behavior and learning abilities; slow their growth; and cause hearing problems and headaches. Young, growing bodies absorb lead at a higher rate then adults. If you have any suspicion that your child has been exposed to elevated lead levels, you should have them checked at your local hospital or by a physician immediately.

Parents exposed to lead can also experience difficulties during pregnancy, high blood pressure, digestive problems, nerve disorders, memory and concentration problems and muscle and joint pain.

You can lower your families risk of exposure to lead poisoning by washing children's hands, bottles, pacifiers and toys often; regularly clean floors, window sills and other surfaces; and making sure your landlord fixes any surface with peeling or chipping paint.

If you or your child has tested positive for lead paint exposure, please contact Spinella & Associates directly through this web site or by phone at 860 728-4900. We have experience taking on powerful landowners and other responsible parties in seeing that victims of lead paint poisoning are justly compensated.