Connecticut Lawyers Practicing Civil Rights, Criminal Defense & Damage Claims on Behalf of Individual Citizens

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Firm History

History of Spinella & Associates Attorneys At Law

Experienced Connecticut Trial Lawyers practicing in the area of Civil Rights & Criminal Defense & Personal Injury

Clear focus on firm goals

Spinella & Associates is a boutique CT trial law firm with a history of representing individuals in the area of civil rights, criminal defense, and complex civil damage claims.

Attorney Spinella's book, Connecticut Criminal Procedure, is a standard reference text in Connecticut for the defense bar and prosecutors alike.

Over the years, his trial practice has evolved significantly from his early days as a trial lawyer and partner in one of Connecticut's biggest firms representing the state's largest insurance companies. While still a young lawyer, he subsequently began his own office with a practice focused on criminal defense; gradually his practice evolved to include claims brought on behalf of clients accused of crimes who were the victims of police or prosecutorial misconduct; thereafter his civil rights practice grew to include significant cases in every area of civil rights litigation involving misconduct by law enforcement, municipal, state, and federal courts.

Our CT law firm now handles complex civil damage claims of all types on behalf of individuals as described under the Practice Areas section of this website.

In keeping with our policy of providing clients with the most personal service and taking on only worthwhile cases that are carefully screened, the firm resists the urge to grow larger.

Connecticut lawyers. Inspired by history. Guided by tradition.

Spinella & Associates come from a long line of Connecticut lawyers dating back to New Haven lawyer Roger Baldwin's representation of the freed slaves of the Amistad incident. The firm's attorneys strive to preserve civil liberties by protecting individuals from overreaching governmental actors and institutions.

For persons whose rights are in jeopardy, Spinella & Associates is your instrument of protection. To accomplish your goals, we combine street savvy with historical perspective and legal experience, along with an extensive background in official misconduct and other civil rights cases.

In addition to criminal matters and civil rights claims described above, Spinella & Associates represent plaintiffs in other areas: whistleblowers, employees, investors, consumers, and personal damage claims of all types, particularly wrongful death claims. Civil rights claims are brought under the Federal Civil Rights Act on behalf of individuals who have been damaged by government officials acting "under color of law."

Whistleblower cases are brought under the United States False Claim Act in matters involving individuals who report government fraud or are terminated for opposing fraudulent practices.

Some plaintiff cases in Connecticut are brought as class actions, a procedure that allows individuals to gather together to challenge powerful institutions or companies. Typically these cases involve claims by stockholders against publicly traded companies; employment discrimination claims; consumer cases; claims against the government; and too many claims against manufacturers of defective products to list.

No matter what your claim of damages Spinella & Associates would like to talk with you about your case.

To learn more about us and if we can help you with your claim, contact us at 860 728-4900.