Connecticut Lawyers Practicing Civil Rights, Criminal Defense & Damage Claims on Behalf of Individual Citizens

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Connecticut Lawyers practicing in the area of Criminal Defense & Civil Rights & Damage Claims on Behalf of Individual Citizens in the State of CT

Welcome to The CT Law Offices of Spinella & Associates

The Law Offices of Spinella & Associates located in Hartford Connecticut is a boutique civil rights and criminal defense law firm that practices in civil rights lawsuits involving abuses of power by Connecticut law enforcement, CT municipalities, state of Connecticut government agencies and officials, and powerful corporate interests. Our legal representation in the state of Connecticut also extends to complex civil damage lawsuits involving claims of negligence such as professional malpractice and corporate defective product claims, as well as personal injury lawsuits of all types, particularly wrongful death claims.

In addition to civil rights lawsuits, our Hartford CT law firm also practices in the area of criminal defense by representation of individuals accused of white collar crimes and violent offenses during the pre-trial and trial stages of prosecution. The Law Offices of Spinella & Associates helps individuals with appeals of criminal convictions in the state of Connecticut and post-conviction attacks of convictions by way of habeas corpus claims, motions to modify sentence, and applications for a new trial.

In addition to its permanent staff, our Connecticut law firm is assisted by other talented Connecticut attorneys who act as Of Counsel to the firm in many of its more substantial cases. Our CT law firm is passionate about undertaking substantial civil rights litigation on behalf of individuals, and are known for bringing a fearless and imaginative approach to representation of the criminally accused. Over half of our firm's cases are referrals from other Connecticut lawyers. The reason is clear. The Law Offices of Spinella & Associates has a track record and a reputation for getting results and not being afraid of tough cases.

At the Law Offices of Spinella & Associates we combine street savvy, historical perspective, and extensive legal experience in civil rights litigation, criminal defense, and personal injury / damage claims on behalf of individual citizens in the state of Connecticut. To learn more about our areas of legal experience and how we can help you with your legal issues, call us at 860 728-4900 or email us.

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