Connecticut Lawyers Practicing Civil Rights, Criminal Defense & Damage Claims on Behalf of Individual Citizens

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The Hard Way


Experienced Connecticut Trial Attorneys protecting individual rights for the ordinary citizen

Although our Connecticut law firm's present practice is now focused in the areas of civil rights and criminal defense as described in the Home Page of this website, they have litigated vigorously on behalf of Plaintiff's in a wide range of legal cases over the past years, including Connecticut personal injury cases of every kind requiring and demonstrating their reputation for exceptional tenacity.

For example, in the case of an electrician who was severely burned, the defendants offered a settlement of $15,000. Spinella & Associates went on trial for six weeks and their client was awarded $1.75 million. "If somebody is harmed, we're not afraid to take on powerful defendants to get justice," Attorney Spinella has consistently maintained over the course of his career. The examples abound. Spinella & Associates, a full service civil litigation firm, have obtained numerous settlements for clients against police departments, banks, health care companies, manufacturers and other institutions-even other law firms who represented their clients poorly. And from murder to DWI, Spinella & Associates are also among the handful of criminal defense firms choice in Connecticut.

In the civil arena, Spinella & Associates have a long history practicing in the areas of civil rights, police misconduct, employee rights, probate abuses and medical and legal malpractice claims, and individual injury damage claims of all types. In one heart-wrenching case, they helped make a paralyzed little girl's life better by suing an unscrupulous law firm guilty of malpractice when it did not bring a suit on her behalf against the car seat manufacturer who caused her injury.

In a hospice malpractice case, they took action when a health care company violated a family's trust by failing to properly take care of their dying daughter.

In addition to their usual case work in criminal, civil rights, and individual damage claims of all types, Spinella & Associates have worked vigorously to ensure that banks and lawyers do not abuse the probate system for personal gain at the expense of ordinary citizens, and that the rights of elderly persons and wards of nursing homes, the state, and other institutions are vigorously protected.