Connecticut Lawyers Practicing Civil Rights, Criminal Defense & Damage Claims on Behalf of Individual Citizens

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The Hard Way


Connecticut Attorneys providing the antidote for abuse of individual rights

A bank and another law firm had kept an heir to a railroad magnate separated from his multimillion-dollar family fortune. Even wealthy individuals can have problems with institutions.

Enter Spinella & Associates—the antidote for abuse of individual rights.

Their client, a graduate of Columbia Law School, had presided over a huge investment portfolio and became a highly regarded philanthropist despite an admitted alcohol problem. Even after he joined Alcoholics Anonymous and recovered from his problem, the local probate court still refused to remove the conservatorship that had previously been placed on him. Another probate judge called the action an "outrage."

Attorneys at Spinella & Associates produced psychiatric evaluations attesting to the client's competence. These evaluations showed he had a superior I.Q. and no evidence of cognitive or personality deterioration. He regained his freedom and control over his finances after a court proceeding where the bank and law firm vigorously contested return of the client's property because of his alleged alcoholism.

Soon after, he ran as a candidate for probate judge in the district that unjustly declared him incapable. "No seemingly powerful bank, law firm or individual will abuse any citizen in the district of ... while I am probate judge," his campaign literature declared.

He lost the political race but, with the help of Spinella & Associates, regained his dignity and independence, and control of his estate. Shortly after this, the firm successfully represented him in a case to recover damages for the alleged mismanagement of his monies by his conservator bank.

Attorney Spinella recalls this case in media accounts in terms of what it represents: "Just about every nightmare cliché of what can happen in a small town given the structural problems in our state probate system." And he speaks proudly of his client's recovery and accomplishments: "I respect [my client] an incredible amount. After going through this, he ran for political office because he genuinely wanted to help his community and protect others."