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Do We Need Protection from the Police?

Posted on Jul 16 2006

Hartford, CT (PRWEB) -- We depend on the state and local law enforcement to protect us from criminals in our society. But what happens when we need protection from the authorities who are charged with protecting our community? Police misconduct is a prevailing problem in our society that continues unabated.

Attorney Paul Spinella, has taken another appalling police misconduct case, involving a small child and grandmother, in an effort to preserve our rights as citizens of the United States.

The lawsuit, Rosa E. Baez, et al v. City of New Britain, et al Filed in the Judicial District of New Britain (docket number HHD-CV-06-5004236-S), claims that on June 10, 2004, the New Britain Police Department police officers forcibly and without lawful authority entered the apartment of Rosa Baez, a 61 year old grandmother who was in the apartment with her young grandson and her daughter.

Once inside the apartment, the lawsuit claims that police officers proceeded to inflict physical injury and mistreatment in a shocking manner without provocation or justification.

Briefly stated, the suit further claims that the grandchild was slammed to the floor and otherwise mistreated and physically constrained; the grandmother, ill at that time, had her face and head continuously slammed into the floor, her pants pulled down, and her private area searched for drugs; and the daughter was handcuffed, and pushed to the ground.

The serious injuries inflicted are well documented by way of a lengthy medical file confirming the considerable medical treatment that followed and expenses incurred.

The lawsuit also claims that police actions in this matter were conducted without warrant or probable cause.

Unfortunately, the only remedy in a situation such as this is to seek a law firm that will fight for victims in a court of law. Taking our police force to court helps avenge victims, but it doesn’t prevent future abuse of power. However, public outcry that ordinary citizens will not tolerate police misconduct or abuse of power should gain the attention of state and town authorities.

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