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Then a $50 Ticket

Posted on March 29, 2011

Talk about adding insult to injury. A CT Transit bus driver, who was hit by BMW earlier, had the added bonus of being fined by police shortly after the accident

Roger Bouzy, 48, actually began his ordeal by trying to help a fellow bus driver, reports the Greenwich Time.

On March 2, Bouzy pulled over after seeing a fellow driver flashing his hazard lights, which is a signal of distress. As he was crossing back to his bus, was struck head-on by a BMW, sending him flying through the air and causing head injuries and broken bones.

Hours after the accident, police arrived at the emergency room to hand Bouzy a $50 ticket for illegal use of a highway by a pedestrian, the Time reports.

Bouzy, who is from Norwalk, told the Time he plans to fight the ticket as soon as he recovers.

"It is not like I was just jumping in the street like crazy," said Bouzy, who was released from the hospital about a week after the crash. "I was trying to help another co-worker."

Bouzy has hired Hartford attorney Paul Spinella to represent him in a possible civil lawsuit against those "responsible" for his injuries.

Spinella said his client's injuries are extremely serious and police had no cause to issue the ticket.

"You have to look at his history," Spinella said "This is someone who has never broken the law in his life. Certainly, on this particular night, he was acting as a completely law-abiding pedestrian. He broke no law."

Police see things a little different.

They understand Bouzy was acting with the best motives, but said he was still at fault for the accident.

"Although the bus driver's intent was admirable, the police department's opinion in this matter is not as important as what the law is," said police department spokesman Lt. Kraig Gray. "And in this instance, he put himself in a place where he shouldn't have been."

Gray added Bouzy has every right to fight the ticket in court.

As a side note, no charges were filed against the driver of the BMW.