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Connecticut Police cite bus driver

hit by car with jaywalking fine

Posted on March 4, 2011

Roger Bouzy was hit by a car while crossing the highway after helping out a fellow bus driver. (Source: CNN)

STAMFORD, CT (CNN) - A bus driver said he's living proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

The hospitalized man ended up both physically and financially hurt after trying to do the right thing.

Roger Bouzy stopped to help a bus that had emergency flashers on and got hit by a car and cited by police for his trouble.

He's recovering from broken bones and internal injuries and his wife said police treated him shabbily.

"When you try to help someone and police come in to give you a ticket, it's not right," Jeanne Bouzy said.

The whole thing happened on a dangerous stretch of road on E. Putnam Avenue. Roger Bouzy had stopped his bus on the far side of the road because the oncoming bus had its emergency flashers on.

It slowed down and he crossed over.

But he was hit by a vehicle while trying to get back to his own bus after the bus he was helping left.

"I stop, turn around to come in my bus. That's it. I don't know nothing after that," he said. "I never saw the car. I never saw nothing at all."

He was given a ticket for reckless use of a highway by a pedestrian -- jaywalking.

"The gentleman driving the car was not in violation. Actually, the bus driver was," Lt. Kraig Gray with the Greenwich Police said.

The Stamford-based bus drivers said this was a first for them. "We were always taught that if you see a bus over with flashing lights on, you stop, you radio in, you go and try to see what's wrong. See if you can assist," another bus driver said.

Bouzy said he will fight the $50 ticket when he's well enough.

The driver of the car that hit him was not cited in connection with the incident.

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