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Connecticut Lawyers Practicing in the area of Employment Litigation

Spinella & Associates have successfully litigated numerous employment cases in Connecticut state and federal courts.

If an employee who has been wrongfully discharged or harassed, or has otherwise felt the weight of an institution for acts of conscience, such as whistle-blowing, he generally will not have the experience or wherewithal to sort through the bureaucratic machinations that necessarily result from such a conflict. In such cases, a consultation with Spinella & Associates is of undeniable benefit.

The laws governing employment cases are complex and voluminous. Major employers have the advantage of large law firms and investigators on retainer that stand ready for such litigation. Our CT employment law firm has a track record of deep and creative commitment to our clients coupled with a refusal to be intimidated.

In addition, our CT employment litigation firm handles defamation cases on behalf of brokers and other securities professionals involving publication of false and defamation government filings which are frequently submitted when such individuals end their employment. If you are a securities professional who has been the victim of such conduct, please contact us.

Labor and Connecticut employment law practice

Our labor and employment law experience extends primarily to cases representing employees. It encompasses legal advice and representation in the following general areas:

  • racial and sexual harassment in the workplace
  • violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • employment discrimination based on race, gender, religion and/or age
  • wrongful terminations and other breaches of contract
  • retaliation for whistle-blowing
  • interpretation of employment contracts as they affect employment and termination from employment
  • enforcement of employment contracts
  • union grievances

Although Spinella & Associates generally represent employees, they will not hesitate to defend an employer or other defendant who has been wrongfully accused. In one case, for example, they went to trial and obtained a defendant's verdict against an employee who had wrongfully accused a local restaurant and inn of a discriminatory discharge.

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