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Anyone convicted of a crime knows that there are consequences beyond the loss of freedom which give rise to a reputational stain in the form of a "criminal record" that can create enormous personal and economic burdens. Looking to get your criminal record removed?

There are two classes of people with criminal records who particularly deserve expungement of these records: those who have made a single mistake and have led exemplary post-conviction lives; and those citizens who are mistakenly labeled as convicted felons because records of previous convictions or arrests have not been erased despite various statutory or court-ordered erasure requirements.

Our firm has successfully represented many clients who fall in either of the above two categories.

The first category involves representation before the State Board of Pardons which provides a viable means of cleansing a criminal record for these who satisfy several requirements, such as the demonstration of need and a deserving record thereby providing a solid argument for giving the applicant a second chance to lead a productive life in accordance with basic American principles.

The second category of clients involve an increasing number of aggrieved parties who, because of the growing number of government law enforcement data bases, find themselves wrongfully accused of criminal conduct based upon hearsay and unsubstantiated evidence in these increasingly paranoid times.

We have taken on a greater number of these troubling cases which can also result from the simple failure of responsible state officials or agencies to abide by court or statutory erasure requirements.

Anyone who has been convicted of a crime should fully investigate and consider this issue and contact our law firm in the event they seek a remedy for a criminal record which deserves to be expunged.

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