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in the area of police brutality

The police need to be held accountable for their actions

Police officers should always be treated with respect and when involved in a confrontation with a police officer it’s always best practice to do what they ask without resistance. Police officers are just doing their jobs and in most cases it’s not personal. With that said, some police officers take things too far and are overly aggressive which inevitably results in injuries. These injuries are commonly referred to as police brutality. The attorneys at Spinella & Associates are experienced experts when it comes to police brutality cases in Connecticut and are not afraid to stand up for police brutality victims.

Police brutality can come in many forms. It can range from verbal abuse in the form of racial slurs and insults, to physical abuse in the form of cuts or bruises or in many cases police dog bites. Recently the attorneys at Spinella & Associates won a $250,000 settlement against Old Saybrook Connecticut because of excessive force from a police k9 that injures their client. If you are interested in learning more about this case you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

If you are someone you know has had a negative interaction with a Connecticut police officer and have been injured because of that interaction then you need to give us a call today at 860 728-4900 because you deserve restitution for the pain and damages you suffered at the hands of the police.

At Spinella & Associates we sincerely believe that the police and the brave men and women that make up Connecticut’s police force work hard and do a great job however there are a few bad apples that need to be held accountable.