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Thousands of people in Connecticut are injured or killed every year as a result of household products and medical devices that are poorly manufactured, negligently designed, or wrongly labeled by the manufacturers.

A product liability lawsuit is a difficult matter as the usual defendant is a large corporation involved in manufacturing, distributing, supplying, or selling the defective product. To prevail in these cases, considerable experience, resources, and access to expert witnesses with is required.

Defective products have the potential to cause enormous harm, and can occur with nearly every item in widespread use, including: automobiles and automobile products such as tires; dangerous drugs; household products; dangerous toys; all terrain vehicles; machinery defects; vitamin supplements; and defective household items.

In addition to these products, defective medical devices is an area in which Spinella & Associates has had considerable experience. For example, we have successfully represented multiple women plaintiffs who suffered significant internal injuries arising from the use of the Cooper 7 IUD (internal uterine device) which was sold by the manufacturer with known design defects. In another set of ongoing cases the firm represents numerous plaintiffs with defective metal-on-metal hip replacements where the moving metal parts break down in the body causing blood-poisoning and other life-threatening problems.

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Defective Automobile & Defective Automobile Parts Liability Lawsuits

Unfortunately, despite the incredible advancements in manufacturing and designing automobiles and automobile parts, sometimes poorly designed or poorly manufactured automobile parts can result in personal harm, injury or in extreme cases death. Most automobile companies do a very good job at providing free product recalls for defective automobile parts however in the event a person was not notified of the recall or was unable to get the recall taken care of whether due to personal reasons or dealership related reasons there is the chance that you could be injured. Maybe the dealership doesn’t have the new part in stock to replace your defective part or maybe the dealership does not have the time to schedule you in for an appointment to get your defective car repaired. Maybe you are unable to schedule an appointment to get your vehicle fixed or maybe you never received your recall notice from the manufacturer. In each and every case, it’s not your fault you or someone you care about was injured or lost his or her life. If you are involved in an accident caused by a defective automobile part you need to contact an attorney with experience and a proven record in dealing with product liability lawsuits.

Defective Medical Products Liability Lawsuits

Medical liability lawsuits are some of the most common product liability lawsuits in our country. We have all seen the commercials on television for large class action lawsuits involving various types of hernia mesh, breast implants, artificial joints such as knee and hip, and pacemakers. The reason is because they medical products and more are defective and cause pain, discomfort and in some cases death for individuals that have them. Whether you are going getting necessary hernia surgery, a live saving heart stint or choosing to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure like breast implants, your rights are the same. In most cases, when you are getting your surgery, the doctor, hospital or insurance company determines brand of the medical product that will be used on you. Sometimes these medical products are defective or poorly made and deteriorate faster than they should. In these cases you should seek a medical products liability attorney to represent you. It doesn’t matter if the medical procedure was necessary or a personal choice. In either case your legal rights are the same. Contact one of the experienced medical products liability attorneys at Spinella & Associates to help you with your product liability claim.