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In recent years there has been enormous growth in stock ownership by individual investors and institutions alike. Just recently thanks to apps like Robin Hood, the number of individuals dipping their toes into the stock market has increased at an exponential rate.

Unfortunately false and misleading information about public companies is sometimes intentionally published by publicly traded companies and national news media.

When a stock investor relies upon such information to their detriment, he or she has a cause of action for fraud. Our Hartford Connecticut based legal firm can provide invaluable assistance by bringing claims for reimbursement for wrongful manipulation of stock prices.

The attorneys and lawyers at our law firm also plays an important role in handling stock market related legal cases on behalf of investors who have lost money as a result of improper conduct by brokers and brokerage firms.

This can occur when a brokerage firm makes excessive trades (churning) or trades without consent of the investor.

If you believe you have been a victim of improper trading, please contact us at 860 728-4900.