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Whistle Blower Lawyers

Connecticut Lawyers Practicing in the area of Whistle Blower & False Claims

Both Connecticut and Federal law provide protection and damage awards for individuals who discover fraud being perpetrated against the government and report the fraud.

For example, under the United States False Claims Act, individuals who become aware of fraud on the government can file a lawsuit to recover the fraudulent payments on behalf of the government, and then be awarded between 15% and 30% of the amount recovered (even if they participated in the improper conduct).

False Claim Act cases can occur whenever a corporation has business dealings with the federal government or state government.

They can also occur in the health care areas, such as matters involving Medicare or Medicaid fraud.

Another area where Whistleblower claims arise involve cases where government contractors charge the government for services they did not provide or for products they did not use when completing jobs for the government.

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