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Workplace injuries in Connecticut are the most common and numerous of all personal injury matters given the fact that nearly all of us spend most of our time working. A lawsuit involving an injury while working is also referred to as a workers compensation claim. The workers compensation attorneys at Spinella & Associates have defended countless hard working individuals that have been injured on the job due to poor equipment or unsafe work environments.

If you or someone you know has been injured at work, there are numerous potentially liable parties, including the employer / corporation; the workplace site owners; the general contractor or subcontractor; or the state or municipality in the case of a government worker being injured on the job.

If you are a private contractor and have been injured on a job due to a work place accident you have rights and may be entitled to compensation. In the event a private contractor does get injured while working due to an unsafe work environment or issues with equipment provided by the individual person or company that hired the contract then it’s time to contact an attorney to protect yourself. If you are a private contractor and you have been injured on the job then give the attorneys at Spinella & Associates a call today and let us help you.

Although most workplace damage claims are pursued against the employer under the workers' compensation statute before the Workers' Compensation Commission, in some cases claims are brought against third party corporations or individuals who share responsibility with the employer for the injury.

We routinely work with regulatory agencies and respected workplace safety experts to determine responsibility for accidents.

The workers compensation lawyers and work place accident attorneys at Spinella & Associates have the experience and expertise to fight for injured workers and private contractors against the parties responsible no matter how big and powerful they may be or how small you perceive yourself to be. Even the largest corporations must protect workers and contractors in the workplace and provide a safe working enviorment.

We have obtained substantial awards for the following clients:

  • A CT jury verdict of several million dollars against a municipality for a Connecticut electrician who suffered severe injuries and burns over his entire body when repairing a power junction in a city-owned building;
  • A Connecticut police officer who sustained multiple fractures to his spine in the course of duty requiring numerous surgeries and years of therapy;
  • A woman employed by a Connecticut state agency who was shot to death when a co-worker went on a shooting rampage. Her estate subsequently brought a lawsuit against the state for failure to provide a safe workplace environments and against the shooter's psychiatrist for medical negligence. All claims were successfully resolved by the personal injury attorneys at Spinella & Associates.

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