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No defense is too fierce when your freedom is at stake.

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Your most valuable assets can be lost if you have been charged with a crime in the state of Connecticut...your freedom and your reputation…to say nothing of the forfeiture of all your assets which is why you need a criminal defense attorney if you or a loved one are charged with a crime in CT.

Connecticut state prosecutors have the vast resources of police departments and their own investigators working hard to make their case against citizens, often before they are even charged with a crime. These resources must be countered with an aggressive defense that includes state-of-the-art electronic research systems, expert witnesses who are available for the particular type of criminal case involved, and criminal investigators who work with the criminal defense lawyers of Spinella & Associates to develop the best possible criminal defense.

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Skillful criminal defense representation is nothing less than a battle for a person's future. He or she needs to be defended by a vigorous trial attorney who has been tested under the fire of criminal litigation and trial in CT.

Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers

Spinella & Associates are experienced criminal trial attorneys in CT. The proper choice of a criminal defense lawyer may be the most important decision of someone's life.

The criminal defense attroneys at Spinella & Associates form an experienced, skillful and knowledgeable criminal defense team, the kind that prosecutors in Connecticut respect. We offer a panoply of criminal services, representing defendants accused of violent and nonviolent crimes as well as a wide range of white-collar crimes. In addition to our criminal representation of defendants at trial, we represent defendants convicted of crime in post-trial proceedings and in the appeal of convictions. Our CT criminal defense firm has a long history of prosecuting appeals in criminal cases before Connecticut and federal appellate courts.

Criminal Defense attorney Paul Spinella is the author of a 1,000 page textbook on the law of Connecticut Criminal Procedure, the state's foremost textbook devoted to the history and law of criminal procedure in Connecticut. He is also a member of the Connecticut Bar Association's Section on Criminal Justice, the Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and a lifetime member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas: Pretrial; Trial; and Appeals

Our criminal defense firm’s practice focuses in every area of criminal defense. We represent the criminally accused during the pre-trial and trial states of prosecution, as well as in the appeal of criminal convictions and post-conviction attacks of convictions by way of habeas corpus, motions for new trial, and sentence modifications.

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The criminal defense lawyers at Spinella & Associates has continually demonstrated a creative and vigorous approach to the defense of defendants at trial. In one representative case for example, Attorney Spinella successfully applied the insanity defense in obtaining not-guilty verdicts for a defendant charged with multiple counts of sexual assault while suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

We have represented citizens accused of crimes in all Connecticut state and federal courts in nearly every type of criminal case including the following:

  • General white collar crimes
  • Securities fraud
  • Homicides, and all other violent crimes
  • Narcotics
  • Internet crimes
  • Sex offenses

Other areas of criminal practice in which our firm has particular experience - such as Habeas Corpus, DUI, Expungement, and Forfeiture - are discussed in greater on the left side of this page.

To learn more about the criminal defense attorneys at Spinella & Associates and whether we can help with you case, call us at 860 728-4900.