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Spinella & Associates has years of experience representing litigants in a wide range of cases where an injustice has been done.

From our first days of practice, we have been involved in numerous practice areas beyond ordinary personal injury matters - the important guidepost is whether we can help people get justice no matter how complex the matter or intimidating the defendant.

We have experience representing hundreds of individuals in multi-plaintiff or class action lawsuits involving parties who are part of a class who have suffered a common injury inflicted by a governmental entity or large corporation.

Spinella & Associates represents individuals in qui tam "whistleblower" suits along with a wide variety of civil rights lawsuits against the government; in employment cases involving wrongful termination and employer workplace misconduct; nursing home abuse; lead paint poisoning cases; and product liability cases against manufacturers of defective products such as poorly designed hip implants as well as other medical devices.

No matter what the specific harm, we are interested in talking with you to learn about your case and to learn whether we can help you with your case.

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